rdiversity is an R package based around a framework for measuring and partitioning biodiversity using similarity-sensitive diversity measures. It provides functionality for measuring alpha, beta and gamma diversity of metacommunities (e.g. ecosystems) and their constituent subcommunities, where similarity may be defined as taxonomic, phenotypic, genetic, phylogenetic, functional, and so on. It uses the diversity measures described in the arXiv paper, `How to partition diversity`.



Reeve, R., T. Leinster, C. Cobbold, J. Thompson, N. Brummitt, S. Mitchell, and L. Matthews. 2016. How to partition diversity. (https://arxiv.org/abs/1404.6520)


Sonia Mitchell <sonia.mitchell@glasgow.ac.uk> (maintainer)
Richard Reeve <richard.reeve@glasgow.ac.uk>